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English proficiency grammar practice exercises - preparatory ‘it’

Rewrite the sentences below so that they begin with ‘it’.


0. To see you last Thursday was such a pleasure.

It was such a pleasure to see you last Thursday. 

00. People say that there are a million English teachers in China.

It is said that there are a million English teachers in China.

Now try these

1. We hear reports that there has been a major avalanche near the town of Zermatt in Switzerland.


2. What people will do for a bargain is amazing.


3. We know that the kidnappers have links to other terrorist groups.


4. People allege that the missing money has been deposited in a Swiss bank.


5. That Lord Spratt (85) is to marry the topless model Sharon Shopper can now be revealed.


6. One could argue that it would save Governments money to have one single tax on everybody.


7. Whether or not to suspend Pakistan from the Commonwealth has not been decided


8. That the money was hidden for years in a disused mine is believed


9. To understand what she is talking about is often difficult.


10. How many children leave school unable to read, write and count properly is disturbing 


11. What measures have been taken to combat the spread of the infection has not been announced.


12. We have heard rumours that Lady Spratt, formerly Sharon Shopper, is to have a baby.


13.  What other people say about you does not matter.


14. That there will be snow this week is not likely


15. To understand the meaning of phrasal verbs can be difficult.


16. People think that aliens, if they exist, must be far more intelligent than humans.


17. We know that the polar ice-caps are melting.


18.  Studies have often shown that for most offenders prison does not act as a deterrent.


19. To see you again after such a long time is lovely.


20. Whether I would have been able to pass the exam without all your kind help is doubtful








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